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I’ve never been good at blogging.

If I were to give myself a nickname, it would be ‘TheOneWhoCannotKeepABlog’. Okay, I admit it, I take my fair share of fault on that. I have had some relevant experiences in my short life, I have seen incredible places on which I keep an endless list of comments, notes, thoughts -not quite ordinary at times- and pictures, a lot of pictures, to imprint everything in my mind, even the colors of the buildings in a little street of New York.

Call it selfishness or insecurity, I have always kept all this well secured inside my flash drive, or among the pages of my notepad. Every time I think about it, I realize I still don’t know why I tried to share but didn’t actually make it. Has it been, perhaps, a sign of fate? My first two blogs have inexplicably vanished. The first one was making progress but it hit bottom when Splinder had to close. The second one turned against me and denied me access to my account.

This is where ‘A Writer’s Adventure’ starts over. Being a traveler who has seen many of her dreams become true, my choice has been effortless and spontaneous.

The Traveler Stories, stories of travelers, of multiple lives all coming together as one.

I want to try to tell my story this time, without obligations or misgivings.

I know I have always blogged for others instead of myself; I know I can’t give out a piece of my soul without telling myself the story first. This is the time and place, internet-ically speaking-I told you I have weird thoughts sometimes- from which the story must start over. A dream I started living a long time ago, that’s never come to an end.

With all this chatting (or blabbing, your pick), I still haven’t said a single thing about me.


So this is it:


Name: Sara (or Sarah, Sarita, Sarettola, Sari)

Occupation: Traveling writer and dreamer, spare-time student, non-pro surfer, TV shows and literature addicted.

Specific Marks: Potterhead; I have three homes, three different families, three moms, three dads, five bros and four sisters, but the official, 100% Italian, unique and irreplaceable ones will always be my mom E., my dad M. and my brother L.

How do I see my future: I see myself among the writers of an American hit show, in an apartment on the beach in Santa Monica, fighting with Final Draft 24/7.

What’s ahead: In September I’ll move to Glasgow, Scotland. FYI, the land of bagpipe & kilt. I will be attending the University of Strathclyde and studying English with Journalism & Creative Writing.


I will try to share my experience abroad, but also the lives I have lived in my beloved Oregon and in Gran Canaria, as well as anecdotes and stories of the traveling I did and will do in my future. I do not like reporting as if I were a journalist; this is much more intimate and personal than a travel article. The things I keep in mind and write down when I get to know a different place and culture are the small details that make it unique. The feeling I get is very intense: that’s what I wish to pass on.

Enjoy your time on this blog and thank you to all the readers, silent or not, who will decide to follow me on this journey.



PS- warning: this blog is not free from occasional sarcasm, frenzy and pointed remarks.

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