Destination Glasgow

In the introductive post I quickly ran over my future university experience in Glasgow, Scotland.

You will certainly have the recaps of my adventure starting from September; I’ll just stick to the uni stuff for now, and I’ll explain all the things I went through to enroll there.

I don’t wanna spend too many lines on my reasons for leaving. Four years ago I was a teenager, and took off for a year in the United States all by myself. It was the best year of my life; it gave me a newfound strength and awareness that my future wouldn’t be here in Italy, in this little village that I love but that’s keeping me constrained. I knew I wanted to leave. After coming back to finish high school, while remembering the incredible time I’d had in my beloved America, I must have been victim of some sort of delirium because I decided to start university in Italy.

‘I’ll study languages’- I told myself.

‘I’ll find a job’ – I told myself.

But the disappointment caused by the awful teaching and my craving for travel took over, so that’s when I thought about Scotland. College in America was definitely out of my league, financially speaking. EU students do not pay tuition fees in Scotland (as long as they meet some citizenship requirements), it’s the government that pays for them. The whole thing must be processed through SAAS (There will be a post about that too). It’s a good starting point, isn’t it?

Writing -particularly in English- has always been my passion. I have discovered a wide vocabulary and an incredible variety of expressions through this language. This, along with the interest I’ve developed in screenwriting, has led me to look for a degree that would be both a chance to challenge myself and push the limits of my creativity, as well as an enjoyable period of study.

Having made this decision too late, I couldn’t start college in September 2013; therefore I decided to spend a few months in Gran Canaria as an au pair.

Meanwhile, I started my application for Scotland through UCAS (an article on how to apply will follow soon). My picks were four:

1) University of Aberdeen, degree in English
2) University of St Andrews, degree in English
3) University of Dundee, degree in English with Creative Writing
4) University of Strathclyde, degree in English with Journalism & Creative Writing

Strathclyde was actually meant to be my last choice, basically the backup of the backup of the backup. But it was the first one to make me an unconditional offer (I wouldn’t have to take any other examination). I didn’t even realize that their course offer, which is much more practical and has many writing workshops, seemed to fit me perfectly. Some people told me to choose Aberdeen, from which I had gotten an offer as well, because it has a better reputation. The course is merely focused on literature though, and not nearly as interesting. Moral of the story: I always follow my instinct, and even on this one I’m going against the grain. I’m leaving for Glasgow in 4 months! (cheers! :D)

For what I’ve heard, the university is located in the center, the beating heart of the city, so there will quite possibly be many things to do and hopefully the opportunity to find a job, since I don’t want to be fooling around.

Having already taken my IELTS examination in Gran Canaria, being in possession of all the necessary grades and having received the confirmation that my tuition fees will be paid from the government, now I’m just waiting to know which one of the residence halls I’ll be staying at next year.

Okay, you probably got it.. I’m stoked.

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